Unilaunch Introduction

Unilaunch - The next-gen launchpad for crypto gems

With the constant proliferation of new trends in the crypto market, we have seen a significant increase in the number of projects looking to enter this potential market.

Aiming to build a bridge between excellent ideas but having difficulty raising capital and investors looking for opportunities to be a part of growing projects, Unilaunch was born to bring a brand new way of approaching the market for project owners as well as the fair, safe and transparent one for investors. We believe that Unilaunch will be a safe and unique destination for project owners and investors to grow, get rich and become the very first element of the potential financial market together.


Unilaunch is a decentralized ecosystem whose key is a new generation IDO launchpad platform which helps projects to have enough resources to launch, raise funds and approach investors in an innovative, safe, transparent and efficient way. The launchpad is combined with our innovative model - Share to earn, allowing our massive number of users to share about projects to continuously earn.

Unilaunch does not limit to just a launchpad, we develop a comprehensive ecosystem, providing total solutions for the convenience of investors, as well as project owners. All solutions from IDO Launchpad, Farming, Staking to CEX/DEX exchange are integrated into our ecosystem.

Holding UNL tokens and doing complicated KYC processes are not needed, anyone can participate in IDO. All are fair and transparent when entering Unilaunch's ecosystem.

Unilaunch Vision

Unilaunch aims to be an innovative, secure and reliable platform that successfully connects projects and investors in the vast crypto space. With innovations in the way it works, we are determined to be the first launchpad to provide the next-generation fundraising model for blockchain projects around the world.

Unilaunch Mission

Our mission is to overcome emerging issues of safe investment and ensure the interests of investors and project owners. Our deep-seated mission is to make users feel secure and get full facilities when stepping into Unilaunch's diverse ecosystem.

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