Share to earn System

With the aim of increasing the number of users and building a sustainable marketing network to support their projects both before and after their IDO, Unilaunch is developing the Share for monetization feature.

Share-to-Earn is a revolutionary innovative Defi model that aims to connect users of social networking platforms looking to make money with blockchain projects which need increasing marketing accessibility and project expansion.


New generation marketing platform

  • 'Share-to-Earn' acts as a marketing launch platform where you can register your project to promote it on social media channels like Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, and Discord with the help of influencers who have a voice in the industry.

The diverse list of influencers

  • The Share-to-earn system is the place of thousands of influencers in the Blockchain field. They are all bellwethers with a huge network of connections around the world, which will help promote the projects widely and effectively.

The reasonable budget

  • Our list of influencers will be divided into different levels of Diamond, Gold, Silver… with different levels of popularity and cost. Project owners will choose influencers that match their budget.

Profit sharing

  • Everyone who joins our influencers network will receive a reward of UNL tokens for anything they share. A part from the projects will also be shared with the community to encourage members to join together and build a strong ecosystem.

Why join the Share-to-earn model?

For Influencers

  • Influencers will participate in sharing the project's news and information on their own social media as project promoters; for each post they shared, they will receive tokens in return. The more posts they share, the more income they get.

  • Rewards will be distributed to eligible accounts. The size of the reward will be proportional to the reach of their posts. We use intelligent data tracking to remove artificially inflated social traffic metrics. With the constant increase of new projects every day, we believe that influencers in our ecosystem will significantly increase their income.

For Project Owner

  • The project after being listed on Unilaunch will be widely spread by thousands of accounts. The project owners submit advertising information to the Unilaunch platform, and then they are allowed to request influencers, users, and budget packages. Unilaunch is in charge of distributing ads content to influencers and users.

How to participate in Share-to-earn System

For Project Owners

  • Step 1: Project representatives go to the Unilaunch website and enter to the KOL section

  • Step 2: Select the suitable influencers for the project. Project owners then outline the specifics of what, how, and when they want to promote.

  • Step 3: Unilaunch team will review the project, if appropriate, we will connect the project to influencers

  • Step 4: Once the process is set, the project will be widely advertised worldwide.

For Promoters

Users can consider these following ways to become a member of the Share-to-earn system:

  • In this phase, users can join special events to become our members. In particular, users can join Discord and do the tasks according to the instructions to an to be in Share-to-earn channel.

  • In the later phase, users need to own at least an NFTs to be in Share-to-earn system as well as become a VIP member of Unilaunch ecosystem to enjoy amazing extra perks such as double rewards.

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