IDO Launchpad

Unilaunch is a place to connect carefully selected and groundbreaking blockchain projects with cryptocurrency investors, providing a convenient, transparent and secure mechanism for raising capital, investing and distributing tokens.

1. Tier

On Unilaunch's platform, projects are divided into 2 tiers with different functionality and services that are tier-level-based. At the same time, projects must meet specific requirements to be classified in the Tiers. For investors, Tiers are a means for them to quickly filter out better projects and better fit their criteria.

a. Standard Tier

This is the common project tier which has no particular criteria. Under the Standard Tier, anybody can build and launch a project on Unilaunch for a fee of 2 BNB. No requirements, anybody can create their own token launchpad for reaching millions of users.

However, if there are reports showing signs of scamming, Unilaunch has the right to investigate and decide to take the project down to protect investors.

Privileges provided:

  • Create your own launchpad

  • No complicated KYC and Audit process needed

  • Simple registration process

b. Professional Tier

This is the Tier for reputable projects that have definitely been audited and passed the KYC round of Unilaunch. In order for the project to be classified in the Professional level, the project must meet the first condition to be a Standard project on Unilaunch. The Professional Tier is assigned only if it meets all of the requirements.

For the Professional projects, the long-term support especially before and after launch support will be integrated. They fully have access to our massive network of partnership.

Privileges provided:

  • Provide free consultation service

  • Support connecting VCs and launchpads

  • AMAs in official Telegram Group of Unilaunch

  • Promotion on official Twitter & Telegram Group of Unilaunch

  • Shown in the Professional list separately on the platform.

  • Before and after launch support

Unilaunch allows project owners to keep complete control over their tokenomics while giving features and utility to every investor.

Project appraisal process:

  • Project owner KYC

  • Pitch deck analysis

  • Product analysis

  • Token metric analysis

  • Project roadmap analysis

  • First call with Project owner

  • Contract signing and project support implementing

Not only being an all-in-one project that provides many services for small and medium-sized projects in the crypto space but Unilaunch also focuses on developing the outstanding features, in order to optimize the strengths of the crypto project in the Unilaunch ecosystem.

2. Service Fees

Unilaunch will NOT take any percent of funds raised from all projects on all blockchains! The project owner only needs to spend 2 BNB for the initial listing fee to have the project launching on Unilaunch.

Depending on the blockchain you wish to launch on, here is a list of our current fees:

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

  • Standard: 2 BNB

  • Professional: 2 BNB

  • Token Lock: Free

  • Liquidity Lock: Free

Ethereum Network (ETH)

  • Standard: 0.4 ETH

  • Professional: 0.4 ETH

  • Token Lock: Free

  • Liquidity Lock: Free

Cronos (CRO)

  • Standard: 3860 CRO

  • Professional: 3860 CRO

  • Token Lock: Free

  • Liquidity Lock: Free

Avalanche (AVAX)

  • Standard: 26 AVAX

  • Professional: 26 AVAX

  • Token Lock: Free

  • Liquidity Lock: Free

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